Sporadic but Useful Commands in Linux

Unix/Linux commands are so powerful that distinct complex tasks can be accomplished by a single command. They eliminate the need of writing custom functions or shell scripts for trivial tasks. But many commands go under utilized or unknown to beginners. Below is a dynamic list of sporadic commands that  are handy in everyday Unix/Linux operations. … Continue reading Sporadic but Useful Commands in Linux


Troubleshooting Toolkit for DevOps Engineers

Every DevOps Engineer encounters situations where they got to troubleshoot and rectify the error for a successful management of configuration and deployment of application. Following command line utilities helps in managing the infrastructure in crisis scenarios: nc or netcat is used to know about anything that involves TCP or UDP. It can: 1. Open TCP … Continue reading Troubleshooting Toolkit for DevOps Engineers

How to connect to an EC2 instance through Terminal on Mac OS X

  Login to AWS Console and Click "IAM" under "Security, Identity & Compliance" Click Users Click "Add user" Fill the User name you want, tick " AWS Management Console Access" and check "Custom Password" to enter the desired password Click Next and select " Attach existing policies directly" Type "Ec2" ,Select EC2FullAccess and Click "Create" … Continue reading How to connect to an EC2 instance through Terminal on Mac OS X